why is the wii u name such an issue??

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User Info: ShinyTepig

2 years ago#21
plus1zero posted...
ronjon1183 posted...
LMwest09 posted...
It isn't and never was.

Please don't ever go into marketing.

I dunno. He could probably work for Nintendo, they seem to have that same attitude.

You people act like it's the end of a world because a name isn't perfect. >_>
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User Info: _SG

2 years ago#22
Master Alien posted...
Evilcrachitt posted...
64 DD in Japan, but that's it.

You have to remember consumers are dumb for the most part. They think low sodium is a major improvement when it does almost nothing

n64 also had an expansion pak add on which doubled its ram. i remember mine came with dk64 and the only other game i can think of off hand that needed it was perfect dark
Majora's Mask. Shadowman also had it as an optional extra - very few games did actually need it to enjoy the full content of games though, and only about 5 or 6 of them used it to increase the quality of the game.

I wish that Banjo Tooie had taken advantage of it - even if it was just optional. I love that game to bits but there were some serious framerate drops.

User Info: Baha05

2 years ago#23
PS4Warrior posted...
You can thank Nintendos marketing team for the mixups. All the different controllers and addons for the Wii didn't help, plus the fact the Wii U gamepad could easily look like a type of Wii controller.

What add ons? Also there was a grand total of like three controllers

User Info: Luigi4President

2 years ago#24
It didn't help but I feel like enough consumers know by now.
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User Info: bandit__74

2 years ago#25
I think gamers knew that it was a new system. General consumers did not however. My wife, my mother and my sister all thought the tablet was just a new controller for the Wii. I had to explain to them that it was a new system. They are not gamers, but they are consumers. Nintendo should have done a better job distinguishing the U from the Wii for the general consumer.

Not that I'm saying consumers are stupid (do I really have to?), but most of them have no interest in videogames, they are simply buying them for their kids, grandkids etc. I remember my mom asking me if the gamepad would be compatible with my niece's Wii. That is Nintendo's failure to market its product.
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