Elgato game capture devices not getting a singal from the Wii U

#1RoyHavenstonePosted 8/16/2014 2:46:40 PM
(Asking people here, where I have an account, before I register with an elgato related forum and ask there) So I'm a Macbook laptop user in the PAL region (in case that's indeed relevant to my current problem) and I've watching tutorial after tutorial saying how "easy" it is to setup the Wii U for elgato game capture, apparently I didn't the memo.

I've not only plugged the Wii U's HDMI cable into the input and another HDMI cable from the output to the TV, but I've done the same thing with the Wii U's component cable. I've tried changing the TV settings on my wii u between hdmi and non hdmi and different resolutions and I've done the same for the capturec software installed on my Macbook, and I'm still getting no signal. Incidentally the Component to HDMI setup from Wii to Elgato to TV working perfectly, so I'm at a loss as to what to do next.
#2Skill4ReelPosted 8/16/2014 3:13:52 PM
My elgato is connected to a Windows PC, 2X splitter, and all HDMI cables. So I'm not sure how helpful I could be with a MAC setup. I switch multiple consoles (WiiU, XBONE) back and forth to use with it and they both work. The only system that I've tried with my elgato that I can't get a signal from in the software is PS3. Although I know the PS3 does have HDCP, and the splitter that I'm using is pretty old. So it might not be working properly anymore.

Are you certain that your laptop is recognizing the elgato as a device?
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I would question why the elgato worked with the wii if my mac didn't recognise it in some way, so I'm afraid I don't really understand your question.
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I should probably note that through the Wii U -> Elgato -> TV setup there is no image on my Tv either and when I go to TV settings to change them it keeps saying "Could not change settings".
#5Skill4ReelPosted 8/16/2014 4:12:08 PM(edited)
You understood correctly. It was I who overlooked that last part about the Wii. What is the resolution of your television?

Edit: For my setup. The HDMI out on the elgato is empty. There is a HDMI going from the input on the elgato to the second output on my splitter. Another HDMI going from the first output on the splitter to the TV. With my console of choice plugged into the input on the splitter. Everything from consoles to elgato software is set to 720P.

I'm not sure if a splitter is necessary for the Wii U/XBOX One, but I have it hooked up that way regardless. I've never tried it without using the splitter.
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#7RoyHavenstone(Topic Creator)Posted 8/16/2014 4:04:49 PM
I'll do you one better, here are the specs of my TV; http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/content/cnt-specs/KDL-40X2000/list
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RoyHavenstone posted...
I should probably note that through the Wii U -> Elgato -> TV setup there is no image on my Tv either and when I go to TV settings to change them it keeps saying "Could not change settings".

This is almost similar to what I get when using my PS3. I never get an image with it through the elgato software. Sometimes I do get a picture on the tv screen, but it will eventually drop out to black. I've always figured that it was a problem with my 2X splitter as I don't have an issue with my other consoles. I'm in a NTSC region also, so I'm not sure. Just throwing stuff out there.

I've seen guys on youtube with a similar setup, but with a different splitter that have no problems at all. I've been too cheap to buy a new splitter, so my suspicions still haven't been confirmed.
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Sounds to me like a splitter is the way to go. Shame my PS3 is in storage and it therefore can't be tested, since their was actually a PS3 cable adaptor in the elgato box.
#10Skill4ReelPosted 8/16/2014 5:42:34 PM(edited)
The splitter is supposed to eliminate the need for those PS3 cables (aren't those just for component?) that came with the elgato, and allow for all HDMI cables with setup. Like I've said before, it hasn't been the case for some reason with PS3. Wii U and XB1 works fine.

I'll probably go with this one when I do buy another. It seems very popular.


The one that I'm currently using looks similar, but it is a different brand, and old. About maybe five years.