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I have a choice to make...
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Ugh. K mart...
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Any talk about bringing the GBA Final fantasy games to the VC?twa556109/30 4:14PM
Pokemon Rumble U is on the smash sale, Is it any good?
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Virtual Console: Failed to Launch
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Did you like it? Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii UPackersXLV49/30 3:16PM
The reason why Wii U is better than PS4
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Getting WiiU - What are some underrated games?
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Now that Hyrule Warriors turned out to be great what do you want next? (Poll)
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Project cars probably not 1080p60 on wii u
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Which gaming console should I buy? (I already have Wii U) (Poll)
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Nostalgia hurts... and does anyone sometimes feel overwhelmed when purchasing?CubeTV59/30 2:40PM
Indie Games Play List...Cubfan082109/30 2:28PM
People that but the U now have it so good!
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ps4todafloor119/30 2:18PM