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Demons Crest or Gargoyles Quest 2?
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Apart from Capcom, EA and Konami titles, which Horror do you want? (Poll)maizemaize610/31 6:09AM
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So... isn't there going to be any Smash Bros. + Wii U bundle?
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nonexistinghero2210/31 5:50AM
What reason should I get a wii u?
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golden853543210/31 5:49AM
Why do people think the Wii U and Wii were too weak?
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Walmart shows which Amiibos are compatible with which games, & an AC amiibo?Transdude410/31 5:27AM
How come non Nintendo controllers need wii remote?Con5005910/31 4:21AM
Demon's crest Is finally on VCNinjaGamer_23310/31 4:11AM
Bayonetta 2 Is great but highly overrated
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Murderstorm1176510/31 3:16AM
How is Resident Evil Revelations?
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arjames131510/31 3:00AM
how to get better at mario kart 8?
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ManuKesna1410/31 2:42AM
Wii U HDMI Cablebond2003410/31 1:19AM
From the Gamecube to the Wii U I feel like this has been a great decade for fanslNintendoLove710/31 12:25AM
Judging by DEFAULT CONTROLLER, how will Console gens be spread?maizemaize510/31 12:06AM
As a HUGE Zelda fan, Project M makes this game very depressing for me...Cheko2015910/30 11:38PM
eShop Releases 10/30/14 - Halloween Themed VC and More
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TheZuperHero1210/30 11:05PM
You think Nintendo should remake For the Frog the Bell Tolls?darkqueenhelba410/30 11:01PM
Should I get Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland on Virtual Console?
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BlueLinkHero1210/30 10:55PM