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Kirby Return to Dreamland eshoplildragn101/30 4:30PM
Metroid trilogy looks great on the pad
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xenohorse121/30 4:15PM
Not buying Metroid Prime Trilogy just cause of motion controls.
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CutthemacX281/30 4:08PM
I hope the new Metroid Prime for Wii U supports motion controls
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carljenk131/30 3:49PM
buying NONE wii wiiu vc games on eshop because the motion controlspower_troll81/30 3:45PM
How do I make virtual console games full screen?
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wintrepunk331/30 3:37PM
anyone else love using amazon prime on their wii u?wintrepunk101/30 3:35PM
Just got King Dedede, Toon Link, Bowser and Sheik Amiibo in the mail!TamerWoody2241/30 3:23PM
Favorite length of a game? (Poll)Clancyj4101/30 3:22PM
Nintendo Ambassador's porgam, and the YouTube ranters...
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which would make you like nintendo MORE (Poll)Wereshovel21/30 2:56PM
So have we seen any video or screenshots from Project CARS Wii U version?John_Magnum21/30 2:55PM
When will we ever get a true sequel to Super Mario 64?
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A question about the Youtube issue.....zado1941/30 2:47PM
This is why Nintendo's youtube program offends people
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How much money does Nintendo actually have left?
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Do you think you could run Nintendo better than the current board of directors?
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