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What VC game would you love to see?
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carljenk612/1 6:28AM
Would you be ok with Fatal Frame 5 being censored for a west release?
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Omega_Jester292/1 6:02AM
I hope the next Star Fox game has ground missions like Star Fox Assault.
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levyjl1988132/1 6:02AM
Instead of being price gouged by scalpers, why not make your own amiibo?Garfield6472/1 6:02AM
Amiibos?Riggs5542/1 5:41AM
Nice, so with Sega down the drain...what's left?Quad4Life82/1 5:30AM
Nintendo Still Wants A Cut Of Your YouTube Revenue
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o___Okami2842/1 5:02AM
Wait what!? New Super mario bros u can be played with the pro controller!?!?knightimex52/1 4:57AM
Just checked the Official Nintendo UK Store and they are already sold out...gg13212/1 4:54AM
There R lots of people that still think the Wii U is a tablet addon for the Wii.HappyBull62/1 4:11AM
Has console gaming become too advanced for Nintendo to compete in? (Poll)
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Megamushroom666592/1 4:06AM
How to completely shut down the system (besides pulling the plug)?SSJ2__Gohan72/1 3:52AM
Playee through canvas curse again. Can't wait for rainbow curves!xenohorse62/1 3:48AM
Never played the Metroid Prime games before ...wingo8452/1 3:36AM
Rosalina amiibo out tomorrow?
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Trevor_Belmont132/1 3:36AM
Nintendo opens a site for youtubers to make money from their Nintendo videos
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587Deathking162/1 3:32AM
What wii game do you want nintendo to release next?spankeycrank32/1 3:23AM
So did the Sega Nintendo partnership help either company?
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Bonksadventures132/1 3:02AM
its been amolst one year sinc DKC:TF.what the hell is Retro doing?
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WellComeOn532/1 2:43AM
When will the next big Nintendo Direct be? (Poll)
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Storrac122/1 2:27AM