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Working full time, how do you find time to game?
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Kid now/Squid now. Tentacle monster mating?Cazador35/25 9:30AM
Just saw a Splatoon commercial at the IMAX while waiting for Tomorrow Land.
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What are some sequels to Wii games you would like to see on the Wii U?
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Guitar Hero Live = Splatoon Song Petitionjaymart_2k15/25 8:48AM
Do you think Nintendo missed an opportunity with Splatoon?
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Xenoblade has equak rating as Bloodborne and Witcher 3 on metacritic
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What Mario Sports title for the Wii U do you expect this E3? (Poll)NeoBowser75/25 8:42AM
New Yoshi's Woolly World Footage
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The_Ninjadillo215/25 8:41AM
Is Amiibo-locked content already on the disc before you buy it?3_1_1_FTW105/25 8:41AM
If Cloud Gaming takes off within the next decade, will Nintendo follow suit?
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Spade21X145/25 8:40AM