How generous do you think Ubisoft is for bringing Just Dance 2015 to the Wii U?

#11Otti_OpaoPosted 8/18/2014 8:21:13 AM
TBH im very dissapointed with Ubisoft, as somebody who bought both Ass Creed games, Zombie U, Splinter Cell, Battle for Earth (would have got watchdogs as well though im not actually expecting that to come out anymore) not to mention all the Ubisoft 3ds games I have to not come to Nintendo's systems for me is a kick to the balls however im not expecting them to loose for the sake of it either, its unfortunate but now Nintendo have relegated themselves to a secondary system like they have the multiplats will go to the stronger systems or those with better online communities.

I think Ubisoft showed strong support initially and the biggest problem for NIntendo is its own consumers not 3rd parties every person who buys this as a secondary system is to blame far more than 3rd parties.