Did Nintendo waste a HD remake on Wind Waker?

#41ghost_tailsPosted 8/19/2014 9:33:02 PM
I would have preferred a different game for two reasons, and either reason is enough for me. First, WW was not my favorite. In fact (since I have yet to play Spirit Tracks) it's my least favorite. *cue bashing. It just didn't cut it. Too much repetitive puzzle solving, and sailing is going to be annoying, even with increased speed. Sure, the characters and story were great, and they added a lot of cool stuff, it just wasn't for me. You can like it all you want, and you'll be right to do so. But one playthrough is enough for me.

The second reason is that the art style is so unique, and was pulled off so well, that the graphics from the original are still good by today's standards. It didn't need HD because its graphics already sit with the best.
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