Should nintendo start paying exclusive indie games like Sony?

#11iKhanicPosted 8/21/2014 6:03:31 PM
plasmatic5 posted...
Indies naturally flock to the Wii U. That's not the scene in which they are lacking, nor has it ever really been a major scene that compels people to get systems. Now, if they went the Microsoft/Sony route and started paying for exclusives/timed-exclusives, sure. Although, I would rather just see Nintendo invest in Capcom as a whole, kind of like what Sony did with Square ages ago.

I disagree. When I look at Sony's indie library, I see a solid diversity of different types of games. When I look at Nintendo's indie library, I see 2D Platformers, and more 2D Platformers.
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Yes, Nintendo should start paying for games, not just indie games but also 3rd party games.