Don't bet against Nintendo, says Gamestop

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Pyromaniac Roy posted...
Bringing up the fact that the president of a store with a pretty noteworthy tendency to push games that are skipping Nintendo systems has positive things to say about Nintendo systems =/= expressing unconditional love for the store. It's amazing that I have to clarify that for some folks.

Not the biggest fan of Gamestop myself, but it's nice to see one of the last people you'd expect to praise it in any way do just that.

Interesting response :)

Though i do like gamestop, pretty good store.
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Whoa, a company promoting a product they sell. what are the oods!
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perhaps this is a hint of a xenoblade HD and gamestop still has exlusive selling so they want wii u's to sell more so they can sell more xenoblade HD
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I wonder how much kickback gamestop gets from selling those game-download-code cards.
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Questionmarktarius posted...
I wonder how much kickback gamestop gets from selling those game-download-code cards.

Probably the same as other stores that sell phone cards, and game currency cards and the like. Though its a great idea since even with gamestops you can buy them online and they email you the code.
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I'm not betting against Nintendo or the WiiU. They have some really big exclusives lined up for the remainder of this year and next year. As of right now, most of my most anticipated games are WiiU titles. This may change down the road of course but as of right now Nintendo has my complete attention.
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Sounds to me like Gamestop is in desperation mode to get rid of excess Wii-U stock they've had since its release date.
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You mean the store that sells Wii U consoles and games wants people to buy Wii U consoles and games?


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