hyrule warriors will have new free DLC packed with content

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i don't read chinese


need a translation pls
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i don't read chinese

it's japanese

Hiragana and Katakana are japanese but Kanji is chinese so tully is technically right

That's just like saying French uses the same alphabet as English, therefore technically French = English.

rough translation by myself:
"We've debugged most of the problems we confirmed in this update, which includes a new mode. Most of the programming is done and we are checking it for upload. Hopefully it'll be smooth and reach everyone as soon as possible. Please wait for a little bit more!"

No it's not. lt's not even remotely like that. A better example would be Dutch vs. German text.

English and French share a lot of things it is remotely like that, however, your example is a better example, I will bring more to the table, it's like danish vs swedish vs norwegian vs finnish, and yes kanji doesn´t equal to chinese even though it share most of the characters