Man July and August have been brutal on WiiU

#1andizzle29662Posted 8/23/2014 3:33:56 PM
No major release for either month, luckly Zelda and Disney Infinity is in September, and Bayo and Skylanders, Lego batman are October. WiiU needs to avoid these big droughts to keep momentum. I'm pumped for Zelda,Bayo, Captain Toad, and Smash!

Luckly I'm a owner of all current gen consoles, so I'm busy with the Last of Us remastered, and Dragons Crown on Vita. Atleast, the WiiU is getting robust indie support to supplement and fill in the holes.
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#2CubeTVPosted 8/23/2014 3:44:45 PM
All I got is a Wii U in terms of current gen consoles.
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#3lazycomplifePosted 8/23/2014 3:48:07 PM
PC + Wii U = best combo
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#4JanayBerryPosted 8/23/2014 3:49:31 PM
I really want to make Wii U my only game console. But I need 1of 2 things:

- More third party support...


- More classic games in the eShop.

I'm 33, and still prefer my Marios, Sonics, Streets of Rages, Golden Axes, etc.

At this point, I'm moving on to PS4 or Xbox One next pay check.
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#5PS4WarriorPosted 8/23/2014 3:51:06 PM
Yeah the Wii U is pretty drought heavy.
#6DiscostewSMPosted 8/23/2014 4:03:45 PM
I'm playing Lego City right now, a game that came out last year. Just because there are dry months doesn't meant there aren't any games to play.
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#7DignatoReRaisedPosted 8/23/2014 4:17:56 PM
lazycomplife posted...
PC + Wii U = best combo

It's PC + 3DS/Vita (Depending on what sorts of games you're a bigger fan of), really.
#8terranigma73Posted 8/23/2014 4:19:38 PM(edited)
July and august are about the 2 months in a year I can tolerate droughts, it's summertime.
I ain't going to be playing games much anyway, and if I do, it's on handhelds.
#9Luigi4PresidentPosted 8/23/2014 4:20:28 PM
Yeah, July is the worst time for gamers. No releases save for few digital ones. It's always been like this.
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#10slyman19Posted 8/23/2014 4:38:31 PM
DignatoReRaised posted...
lazycomplife posted...
PC + Wii U = best combo

It's PC + 3DS/Vita (Depending on what sorts of games you're a bigger fan of), really.

No. Vita doesn't go with PC or anything for that matter.