Why does nintendo not invest in online MP?

#1georgeclonyponyPosted 8/23/2014 5:11:51 PM
Dying to play nintendoland online.
#2CranberryPSOPosted 8/23/2014 5:13:18 PM
This is a legitimate complaint. They've dabbled in it with a few games like Mario Kart, but they could do so much more.
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#3Ritster21Posted 8/23/2014 5:18:41 PM
It's because of Nintendo's outdated philosophy of:

"Please Understand".
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#4coreekymonPosted 8/23/2014 5:21:04 PM
My best guess is that they don't want to have a paid online service and as a result can't waste money setting up a decent online environment.
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#5Starwars4JPosted 8/23/2014 5:21:11 PM
They do, it's just that not every game needs or benefits from online. Hard to understand, I know.
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#6PS4WarriorPosted 8/23/2014 5:23:08 PM
Nintendo is scared of online gaming apparently. They want to show off the Wii U, but don't want to add online to their titles besides Smash and MK that would benefit the games like Nintendo land or Mario.
#7__Blight__Posted 8/23/2014 5:26:03 PM
Because for some odd reason they think friends still get together and play co-op on the couch. ::rolls eyes::
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#8AhnoldDoodPosted 8/23/2014 5:34:25 PM
__Blight__ posted...
Because for some odd reason they think friends still get together and play co-op on the couch. ::rolls eyes::

Thinking people have time, oh Nintendo.
#9Kosten_ReiPosted 8/23/2014 5:36:09 PM
I thought online Mario Party for second.
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#10DorotimusWitikPosted 8/23/2014 5:37:25 PM
Most of the features people want out of online services have little to do with infrastructure and everything to do with software. The infrastructure is more or less already there, it's just the software that is lacking and the reason for that is kind of obvious... Nintendo doesn't put the work into their online platform because they just don't have that many online games.