Guess what kind of games Nintendo's studios are working on

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So from a quick wiki search, these are the Nintendo studios that don't have an announced game in development.

In Parentheses, I included an EXAMPLE of some of the games they have developed. It's not an exhaustive list. Check the Wiki links for a comprehensive list.

1st Party:
EAD Software Development Group 1 (Mario Kart, Nintendogs)
EAD Software Development Group 5 (Wii Fit, Steel Diver)
Nintendo SPD (Brain Age, Jam with the Band)
Retro Studios (Metroid, Donkey Kong Country)
1-UP Studio (Fantasy Life, Mother 3)
Creatures Inc (Pokemon Ranger, Earthbound)

2nd Party (Going by companies that have only worked on Nintendo published games for the past generation, or confirmed 2nd Party devs):
Camelot Studios (Golden Sun)
Next Level Games (Punch Out Wii)
Vanpool (Dillons Rolling Western)
Skip Ltd. (Wii Play Motion, Captain Rainbow)
Ambrella (Pokemon Rumble)
Monster Games (Excite Series)
Alpha Dream (Mario & Luigi)

So what games do you think they are working on right now? My guesses:

EAD Software Development Group 1 (Mario Kart, Nintendogs): New IP for 3DS
EAD Software Development Group 5 (Wii Fit, Steel Diver): Another Wii series game for Wii U
Nintendo SPD (Brain Age, Jam with the Band): N/A
Retro Studios (Metroid, Donkey Kong Country): Metroid for Wii U
1-UP Studio (Fantasy Life, Mother 3): Co-Development on new 3D Mario from EAD Tokyo
Creatures Inc (Pokemon Ranger, Earthbound): Mother 4 (or a spiritual successor)

Camelot Studios (Golden Sun): Mario Super Sluggers U
Next Level Games (Punch Out Wii): Mario Strikers U
Vanpool (Dillons Rolling Western): New Dillon game
Skip Ltd. (Wii Play Motion, Captain Rainbow): New IP for Wii U
Ambrella (Pokemon Rumble): New Pokemon Channel-esque game
Monster Games (Excite Series): Excite game for 3DS
Alpha Dream (Mario & Luigi): New Mario and Luigi game for 3DS (duh)
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Next Level Games/Nintendo SPD - Luigi's Mansion U

Mario 3D World and LM2:DM show potential.
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