Will Wii U end with more games with online multiplayer than Dreamcast?

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The final official game SEGA made before going completely 3rd party was a game in Japan only known as "SEGAGAGA" which parodies the gaming industry as a whole and makes fun of the SEGA's dumb business decisions. It's an JRPG/Life sim with a story plot that's is all about saving the Dreamcast, SEGA corporation and defeat the evil Sony corporation to take back their market share. As much as this sounds like I'm lying to you, I assure you that the game is 100% legit.

Sounds like fun. Is the system region free or like the GCN where you can get a legal region free app disc for it? or like the meh Wii U where it's not region free at all?

You can easily burn a software disc to bypass the region coding. There are also numerous of other methods to bypassing the region coding as well. For more info, watch:

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At the end of its lifespan, Dreamcast had about 40 games with online multiplayer (ignoring games with "online content"). Will the Wii U pass that number?

As far as I know, there are 28 current online multiplayer games on WiiU. I'm guessing there will be more then DC by the end of the WiiU's life.

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I'm suddenly gaining an interest in the Dreamcast, right now when I seen this thread. I wonder if the Dreamcast had a library of good games before it bit the dust?

Imo, the Dreamcast had one of the best libraries around. Fighting games alone push that system over the edge for me but there's a lot on it that made it awesome.
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