How would you feel if they made a Mario game with a minigame like Chao garden?

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Would rather have a full Chao retail game

And it can be backed up by extra little content from the main Sonic game, but the bulk of its entertainment comes from it managing to be a stand alone title. Don't know why Sega keeps sucking their damn thumbs with this, it's a potential goldmine right up there with a good Sonic game they've yet to make again.

Anyway, seeing something like this in Mario would be strange, but I wouldn't really mind. At this point I can only see it being done for Yoshis, maybe having your Yoshi grow and get stronger, fly longer, spit more potent fireballs, etc.

You know what? That sounds great now that I think of it. Hatch a rare juice spitting Delfino Yoshi, and train those little bastards not to disintegrate on water. Make it happen, Nintendo.

I wasn't really thinking about that but it would also go good with the main game since you could make your Yoshi run faster, jump higher, fly longer, and etc, instead of just in a minigame that you race them in.