whats your response when your told the nintendo is for kids?

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I've never come across anyone in real life that said that, but I occasionally do on message boards. I often show them a certain quote that's been posted many times on this board.
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I pity them for their close minded view on gaming. Just because you hit puberty doesn't mean you gotta load up on call of duty's and anything with an M on the box. No it's not suddenly time to throw away all your Mario's and Pokemon's. Gaming is about having fun no matter what games you enjoy. Nintendo gets this why can't everyone else?
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It is mostly targeted at children, but E stands for everyone. So do what you want and play it.
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Because in a lot of "gamers" eyes, If the game is not blood and gore nor have realistic looking graphics then it is for kids!!
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I'd say thanks, try it sometime when your bored!
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You know...

REmake, RE0, RE4... all came out on Nintendo systems first...

One of the greatest horror games of all time, Eternal Darkness... is still a Nintendo exclusive...

And the 3DS was the only handheld system to get Resident Evil Revelations, too.

Kiddy... heh... That's a funny one, I guess.
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I just let it slide because I don't get into arguments about video games outside of the internet
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You want realism turn off the game and go outside. I play games to escape reality.
The more colorful and silly the better i say! Isn't the real world gory and scary enough?
It is artists, not technicians, who make excellent games. "Hiroshi yamauchi"
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Pink_a_Dink posted...

Made by yours truly. :)
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