C/D The Wii U is the best Nintendo console since the 64.

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1 year ago#111
No because that would imply that the 64 was the best console prior to the U, and that's not the case. The N64 is one of the most overrated systems ever. Yes it had some revolutionary games, but they have aged horribly.

Wii U > Wii > GC > 64
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1 year ago#112
If by "best," you actually mean "worst," then yeah, totally.
1 year ago#113

The GameCube was better for its time than the Wii U is for now.
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1 year ago#114

Even if you just compare the GC's 2001 and 2002 games to the games Wii U has received so far, the GC still has the better selection of games. Also, then there is the Game Boy Player which is more than just for GBA games but is also for Original Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. To me anyway, GameCube is the better system by far and I still play it more often than a lot of other systems. It's just that good.

3rd party support was almost as bad back on the cube.

Disagree. GC has games in franchises that third-party companies refused to (or couldn't) bring to N64, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man World, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Soul Calibur, Need For Speed, Capcom Vs. SNK, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, and others. The GC also has Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, Mega Man 8 (in MMAC), Mega Man X4-X6 (in MMXC), and Mega Man Battle & Chase (also in MMXC), all of which the N64 missed out on as well..
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1 year ago#115
Deny. Best console since the GameCube.
1 year ago#116
FrozenSneak posted...
Deny. Both the N64 and Wii u have pretty much bare 3rd party support and like the N64, the Wii u will probably have a lower library of games compared to it's competiton.

However, the N64 had revovlutionary classics such as SM64, OOT, and, Goldeneye which pretty much defined genres. The Wii U does NOT have any games on that level and currently doesn't look to have any announced upcoming games that will.

Wii had tons of 3rd party support. Just not the games you wanted.

Too soon to tell, but I say the N64 was Nintendo's worst console. Gamecube is my favorite.
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1 year ago#117
Krambo42 posted...
The N64 is easily my least favorite Nintendo console.

Yeah... I mean, all four post-SNES Nintendo consoles have underwhelmed me.

iKhanic posted...
juzzieb posted...
mashu posted...
Deny. GC was better so far.

Ok for all the people picking GC. Do we at least agree that 3d world was amazing nd better than Sunshine?

No. 3D world is the 3D Mario game that thought it was from the 1980's

But I want that.
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