New 3DS instead of the gamepad?!

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User Info: wisemidds

2 years ago#1
Personally I love the gamepad but after watching the Gamespot @ Pax video it got me thinking. Thoughts?
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User Info: wingo84

2 years ago#2
Would be more of an incentive for me to upgrade
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User Info: Eoin

2 years ago#3
There's nothing preventing it. It now has all the necessary controls (except clickable sticks, as far as we know - and these could perhaps be assigned elsewhere), although touch might be a little awkward since the touchscreen on the 3DS isn't 16:9 and isn't the primary screen.

I think that if the New 3DS could be used as a GamePad substitute, Nintendo would have mentioned it, so I don't think it's very likely to happen, but it could be done if Nintendo really wanted, and probably would work well enough.
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