Capcom pulls the last straw! (Wii U related)

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^ sorry, i meant RE 5, 6, and 7... not 4. 4 is a perfect example of how a lesser port can succeed.

obviously wii u doesnt enjoy the same user base as the ps2 did, but i doubt making a Wii U port of either Rev 2 or REmake HD would take too much time or resources. it's really capcom being lazy and disrespectful to a whole segment of fans whom they flooded with RE games in generations past.

I'm not big on specs, but wasn't the PS2 version of 4 the better version? It seemed to have a bit more features, even if the graphics weren't as good.

They gave it some more features (a gun and costumes. + the ada wong story) to make up for having to butcher the atmosphere because the ps2 was weaker. GC version was still better.
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RE Revelations being released on PS3/360 PS4/Xbone make perfect sense to me. Their install bases actually BUY third party.

It skipping the Wii U also makes perfect sense because if it doesn't have Link or Mario, it's not going to sell. So I understand them not even trying there.

The only injustice is no 3DS version. Unlike the Wii U install base, they too actually buy third party games. And the first one did quite well for Capcom.
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So...Resident Evil returning to it's roots with the Revelation series is now a bad thing because it's not going to Nintendo platforms...Yeah, that's great logic right there.

You know, this is the unfortunate consequence of purchasing and owning only a single console and no gaming PC: Things like this happen. You can't fault or blame a developer for wanting to publish a game on platforms they KNOW are going to sell, rather than simply publish them on a platform that's proven to them in the past that doesn't sell simply to appease a rabid fanbase who can't see beyond their nose as to why a developer may be doing this.

If Revelations 2 really interests you that much, just pick it up on one of the other bajillion platforms it's coming out on. You have the PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One, and PC to chose from. This whole concept of owning only one system out of some blind brand loyalty is ridiculous. I can totally understand those that can't afford to purchase multiple systems, but odds are these are also the consumers that understand why this game isn't coming to their platform of choice, and accept that.
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^I own multiple systems and this still annoys me. Especially no 3DS version. I'd like to keep a series of games on one brand of consoles if possible. So, Wii U or 3DS for this.
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Final Fantasy2389 posted...
^I own multiple systems and this still annoys me. Especially no 3DS version. I'd like to keep a series of games on one brand of consoles if possible. So, Wii U or 3DS for this.

...That makes zero sense. in fact, that more or less screams Brand Loyalty at it's finest. Why in god's name would you want a game series that clearly interests you to be published strictly on ifnerior hardware, instead of letting the developers have their way with it on hardware that can handle it much better.

Don't get me wrong, I too would have much rathered this been a PS4, Xbox One, and PC exclusive for that very reason, but I can understand why they're also putting it on the PS3 and 360, even if that does lead to some constraints to the game's development.

Console exclusives are bad, period. Should the game have been ported to the WiiU and 3DS? Sure, of course. In a perfect world, there would be no console exclusives. But Revelations 2 is about as far from a console exclusive as you can get, Capcom is simply making a conscious choice not to spend time and money to port it to a platform they believe it wont' sell on.

And not porting to the 3DS is a very obvious design choice, this is being designed as a console game, not a hand held. The 3DS is awesome, but if offers WAY too many restrictions for a game that's being designed with a console in mind.
Each person might see a rose with a different shade of red, but the fact that we can all agree on is beauty -- that is a miracle.
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Why are you acting surprised? Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 both skipped Nintendo systems. Honestly, I'm surprised Revelations made it onto a Nintendo system at all, let alone first.

RE 4, 6, and 7 were/are being built for considerably more powerful hardware. they couldnt release 5 and 6 on the Wii no matter how hard they tried. it sucked not getting them, but it it what it is.

there is no excuse, however, for ps360 versions of REmake HD and Revelations 2 not to come to Wii U.. they will run on the console just fine. and like TC said, Revelations began on 3DS! and REmake HD is a download only.. porting it to the U would not be an expensive risk.

There is actually.

Nintendo fanboys don't buy third party games in large enough numbers to bother.
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I want Nintendo to buy capcom so bad!

That's never happening. Sony stands a better chance or Microsoft even.

I am surprised Capcom is abandoning Nintendo though.
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Who brought up the game being console exclusive? Not I. I meant it annoys me it's not ALSO being put on Wii U and 3DS. Maybe I should have spelled that out. My mistake. I could not care less that it's on sony and ms consoles. I do care it's not on Nintendo consoles though.

Not sure why me wanting to purchase a sequel to a series on the same brand of hardware I bought the previous one on makes me a brand loyalist. Also considering I said I own multiple systems (Ps3, 360, Wii U are the ones hooked up).
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Nintend, stop screwing with us. Buy Capcom, fund the development teams and catch second wind in this console war. But more importantly, make good games and be apart of good games again.
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"Monster Hunter was suppoused a Sony MH series!!"

"Resident Evil 4 was suppoused to be a Gamecube only game!!!"