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Can I connect my original Wiimote and Classic Controller to my Wii U?
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NewportBox100s3310/20 10:01PM
Someone has the guts to say it. Do you have the guts to admit its true?
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DQAbel3310/20 10:01PM
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Super Smash Bros. does increase Wii U sales
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gordanchoong2810/20 9:39PM
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Did you know Nintendo has enough money that they could...._KuroHana_910/20 9:24PM
Cancelled my preordered Amiibos
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Kyle10225410/20 9:22PM
Anyone Give Paper Monsters A Go?TheZuperHero310/20 9:22PM
Gamecube games for Wii U?Tehshankers1234210/20 9:16PM
Any chance at all of BloodBorne releasing on the wii U?
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bernbebeer6510/20 9:15PM
Is there an official Nintendo Online mag that's still active?este914510/20 9:13PM
Why does every game take longer to come to Wii U than any other platform?Bongbuddy410/20 9:13PM
What do you think will be game of the year? (Poll)
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mmpepsi4310/20 9:05PM
$250 for Deluxe Wii U + 2 games a good deal?teamaquashock910/20 9:03PM
I would bet a lot of money that Super Mario Galaxy 3 is currently in developmentecne7ab1010/20 9:03PM
bayonetta 1 is the best HD game of last gen.
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jobvd_alt2010/20 9:00PM
Would you like apple to team up with Nintendo to create the next gen?
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Hanzoh1810/20 8:56PM