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Oh! A new Wii U game title appears! (that you'll probably note be able to get) (Archived)
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Will Mario and Zelda still be good games if the Ps4/X1 sells more? (Archived)
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oh man the nintendo direct tomorrow is gonna be so awesome (Archived)NintendoXGames62/12 11:19PM
Year of Luigi you had a very great run but now (Archived)Chenmaster2102/12 11:18PM
Your Reaction: Nintendos Big Announcement tomorrow is... (Archived)
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No new games tomorrow, please understand (Archived)
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So... The Year of Yoshi starts tomorrow (Archived)Heartless1842/12 10:11PM
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AEs hyped game. What is it? (Archived)
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Monolith Soft's X will be in tomorrows Direct!!! holy s******* get hypededd (Archived)
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Bayonetta 2 and "X" tomorrow? (Archived)MGSDizzle32/12 8:51PM