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Why is everyone concerned with the overworld? SS showed they don't intend... (Archived)darkqueenhelba312/6 12:06AM
Will we see an "open-world" Mario game again? (Archived)dataDyneSoldier612/6 12:02AM
Zelda U's world is basically Wind Waker's ocean (Archived)nintendoman5621012/5 11:57PM
Mario Maker and the different sprites. (Archived)Evenglare412/5 11:50PM
How would you rate this year's game awards? (Archived)Quesker712/5 11:39PM
Is the over world of Zelda U really "boring"? (Archived)Sakurafanboy812/5 11:26PM
Real horses have auto drive and don't run into trees (Archived)Ryu X412/5 11:22PM
I wonder if Nintendo could ever add Zelda 1 or SMB2 moides as Mario Maker DLC? (Archived)Vyers1012/5 11:19PM
Lol the new Zelda has Arrow-Time. (Archived)PS4Warrior912/5 11:15PM
Seeing what's been displayed of Xenoblade X... (Archived)Jaewong612/5 11:10PM
Zelda U's World needs to be riddled with enemies, secrets, and trees (Archived)MechaKirby412/5 11:09PM
Real horse don't run into trees (Archived)nocute_nickname512/5 11:08PM
Mario maker needs world structure and boss fights to truly succeed. (Archived)M DAMAGE1012/5 10:59PM
Zelda Wii U Gameplay (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
duderdude32112/5 10:58PM
No Man's Sky X Star Fox U (Archived)MechaKirby1012/5 10:54PM
Where can I watch the Video Game Awards? (Archived)Poweranimals412/5 10:48PM
Shadow of the Zelda: A Fruit Picking Adventure (Archived)Kefkas_Revenge312/5 10:40PM
For the second year running, Nintendo have the best looking game. (Archived)shaunme112/5 10:38PM
So Nintendo have me a great night, started with smash, Toad, Vga's (Archived)Voelger112/5 10:37PM
Do you feel Zelda will make Wii U a must own? (Archived)Sinizta03412/5 10:35PM
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