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WII Won last gen. . . (Archived)
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Diagram of how Wii U hits 9 million by April 30, 2014 goal (Archived)
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Is it true about Xenoblade Chronicles at Gamestop... (Archived)
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Is Wii U going to finish a distant third this generation? (Archived)
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this is all i need to play Wii games correct? (Archived)
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transfering Wii U save game data to Wii U without Internet connection? (Archived)RedDragonMaster312/3 8:30PM
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Has the zelda wii u bundle restocked anywhere in general? (Archived)RedShadowww312/3 8:03PM
So, W101 (Poll)
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Ok I gave Nintendo like 3 months to sort this out...time to ask again... (Archived)
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Has the Zelda bundle ever restocked at (Archived)RedShadowww212/3 7:45PM