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With games like MarioKart, W101,Smash Bros and SM3DW does casual really = Kiddy? (Poll)
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I went to Gamestop today and the funniest thing happened to me (Archived)Remembrent511/26 9:36PM
Anyone who thinks Nintendo is family or child oriented has not played.... (Archived)
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Predict Wii U sales Black Friday/Cyber Monday week here (Archived)
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Nintendo pretty much fixed everything that was wrong with the Wii.. (Archived)
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Does anyne ese feel bad for people on Miiverse? (Archived)
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What if Nintendo announced a sort of HD collection for all unreleased Wii games? (Poll)
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Forget the others, THIS is GOTY 2013 (Archived)MushroomMuncher511/26 8:51PM
Anybody have any hardware problems? (Archived)
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Remake Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario World? (Poll)
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What controllers can I use for original wii games? (Archived)Schrodinger943411/26 8:04PM
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Game saves - Disc copy to Digital (Archived)goombatommy711/26 7:59PM
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Best console to compliment a Gaming PC? Wii U by a good margin! (Archived)HighOnPhazon311/26 7:27PM
Well, looks like my mom is as dumb as the mom who took Mario 3D back. (Archived)
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Played Wonderful 101 today. (Archived)
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