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I really like how nintendo kept zelda, sonic, donkey kong, at $50 instead of $60 (Archived)
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Wii U is not weak, Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 ports are holding it back...! (Archived)eyeofcore610/1 6:44AM
im really happy with the direction of the update but... (Archived)kukingina2610/1 6:35AM
Wii Virtual Console games are finally back in action! (displays in 4:3) (Archived)
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I wonder how well W101 sold... (Archived)
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Nintendo did it...they actually got me to want Wii Fit U. (Archived)Banjo2553510/1 6:19AM
Youtube still freeze? (Archived)xWazManx210/1 6:12AM
Time to get a Wii Remote and Classic Controller. Tons of questions. (Archived)CubeTV610/1 6:09AM
Headset on Gamepad? (Archived)jackorhoads110/1 5:34AM
I'd probably buy Wii U games if they actually went down in price once in a while (Archived)
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I think Retro does Rare justice when it comes to Donkey Kong Country but........ (Archived)Maverick_Reznor510/1 4:25AM
So apparently nobody cares about Metroid anymore? (Archived)
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Transferring Wii VC content from one Wii U to another. (Archived)Gustave652410/1 3:24AM
Club Nintendo UK Catalogue has Mario Kart Trophies (Archived)wingo84410/1 3:23AM
Can you play non-motion Wii games using the Upad? (Archived)VanderZoo810/1 3:15AM
concern on digital gaming (Archived)GuyFawkes5610/1 2:41AM
Love the eshops new music! (Archived)wingo84310/1 2:36AM
Nintendo really needs to fix that youtube freezing glitch..... (Archived)
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new video fuctionality with update? (Archived)TrstTheLord410/1 2:12AM
So you need a TV to play Wii games on Gamepad (Archived)QlJGamer810/1 1:47AM