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Hiroshi Yamauchi teleports in your house with every Nintendo console released. (Poll)
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10 Free Coins for Club Nintendo Members (Archived)BartOates712/10 5:00PM
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Would the Wii U have been more successful if the gamepad had an HD resolution? (Archived)
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did nintendo peak with the wii? (Archived)
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Just bought a WiiU to play with my wife. What are the most fun coop games? (Archived)
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Am I the only one who got a Wii U for the JRPG/ RPG's? (Archived)
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Has anyone here played Tekken Tag Tournament 2? (Archived)
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WII U Joining Club Nintendo (Archived)
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Donkey Kong - Feb , Mario Kart/Smash Bros.-Spring (Archived)
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Wow, I knew the VGX was terrible... (Archived)
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Edge is a must-buy on the e-shop. (Archived)vectorman5812/10 2:01PM