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Any way to get all my mii's to my wii u? (Archived)ssidiouss1011/9 10:37AM
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Has Wii U power/performance lived up to our expectations? (Archived)
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Things people say about Nintendo that piss you off (short rebuttal if you want) (Archived)
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Anyone else not able to comment on Youtube? (Archived)
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What genres would you like to see better represented on Wii U? Less represented? (Archived)iKhan88811/9 8:59AM
Why is Nintendo releasing 3 1st party games all in one day? (Archived)
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Why should or should I wait? (Archived)batroman411/9 8:28AM
Seriously Nintendo? You let Microsoft beat you to console headtracking? (Archived)
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ATTN: Canadians. CoD Ghosts, AC IV and Battlefield IV FREE with 1 Trade in (Archived)Velarios511/9 7:44AM
When I'm asked "Which system are you getting Xbox One or PS4". (Archived)
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Is the newer Wii Mote (with built in wii motion+) better than the combo unit? (Archived)ssidiouss311/9 7:03AM
Why do you guys want Sega to return to consoles? (Archived)
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They REALLY need to let the Wii U Pad controlls play on Wii games. (Archived)Meatballsoup711/9 5:59AM
So after Super Mario 3D World, whats next? (Archived)
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can the ps4 even compete with the new mario and sonic game? (Poll)NintendoXGames511/9 4:29AM