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What is it about Nintendo and Wii U that drives the competitions fanbase crazy? (Archived)
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Do we know when any of these indie games are being released! Some lookk good (Archived)Voelger14/6 8:13AM
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What would be your top ten games all Wii U owners should own? As of now (Archived)
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Bayonetta 2 (Archived)
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Your reaction: Wii U's lifetime sales end up exceeding PS4 and Xbox One (Archived)
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Will Mario Kart and Smash have strong single player campaigns? (Archived)MetalGearOnAcid104/6 7:18AM
You guys saying the current games aren't selling well are missing the point (Archived)Juju_Architect_54/6 5:47AM
Wii u or ps4? (Archived)
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Think of the worst possible name for Nintendo's next system/handheld (Archived)
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GameBoy player functions like borders etc? (Archived)sdfiqdha74/6 3:26AM
Perfect Way to Survive the Wii U Drought. (Archived)oomomow34/6 2:27AM
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What's one game that you didn't think you'd like but ended up loving? (Archived)
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Will the original DKC trilogy ever be on the eshop? (Archived)TheOPMagikarp34/6 12:15AM