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I have no problem with a fully digital plat rewards this year but (Archived)WalkerWonders67/17/2014
The Cat Mario Show Announced!!!!! (Archived)Murderstorm11797/17/2014
Why did they choose a female clon of marth? (Archived)
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Game and wario or nes remix? (Archived)
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Is a Wii U worth the $300? (Archived)
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Hi guys! Quick question about super mario bros(nes) (Archived)ps4ponyreturns67/17/2014
I think it's sad that consumers don't buy Japanese games as much as they used to (Archived)
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For what its worth, if you pick Game & Wario you get 299 points toward DDP (Archived)sejan1217/17/2014
Donkey Kong 3D exact same game as Tropical Freeze? (Archived)
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Death of consoles open thread (Archived)funguy1097/17/2014
So I downloaded Wind Waker HD with the Mario Kart deal. What if my Wii U breaks? (Archived)Street_Overlord87/17/2014
Can the WiiU play Wii games? (Archived)
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Nintendo makes adorable May Mays. (Archived)Karinui47/17/2014
Game and Wario DDP worth? (Archived)
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Assuming NOA CN Stays All Digital... (Archived)
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Wii turns on (blue light), but not outputting anything to TV? (Archived)
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Cat Mario now available on the E Shop! (Archived)
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Is it too late to become platinum on Club Nintendo? (Archived)MechaKoopa500037/17/2014
How good is Gamecube Controller's analog sticks precision? (Archived)vattodev87/17/2014
Nintendo stock is going up slowly but surely (Archived)
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