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Has Nintendo accepted the Wii U as a failure and are just riding out this gen? (Archived)
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If The Wii U continues to sink will Nintendo pull it, or keep marching on? (Archived)
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What is the average score for games? (And other interesting statistics) (Archived)
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Capcom Doesn't have enough resources for a next gen fighter (Archived)
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I just bought a WiiU (Archived)
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Who's still going to buy lost worlds (even with poor reviews out) (Poll)
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Why is Sonic Lost Worlds getting trashed by reviewers? (Archived)
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Since the turn of the Century (2000), what are the games you bought on day one? (Archived)
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Now That Capcom is Dead (Archived)
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lego marvel super heroes or sonic lost worlds? (Archived)oldhbk76610/20 11:29PM
Do you think Capcpom will become a Jill Sandwich for other companies? (Archived)Zellio20141010/20 10:20PM
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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Wii U Listing Hits Best Buy (Archived)
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Is the Wii U Gamepad comfortable? (Archived)
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So there are some people not getting ACIV cause of lack of downloadable content. (Archived)mmarkster210/20 7:33PM
So gamestop tells me skylanders swap force wii won't work on wii u? (Archived)BTM44441010/20 6:43PM