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Anyone elses top anticipated game Project CARS? (Archived)50inchDLP102/2 12:36PM
I think its time for Nintendo to consider making Star Wolf game. (Archived)
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Nintendo on media Bias (Archived)
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First half 2014 looks even more dire than 2013. (Archived)
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What third party game you will miss? (Archived)
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How many games makes a system a success in your opinion? Not a console war topic (Archived)XboxFanPS282/2 11:46AM
DK TF gamepad left blank during tv play? hmm. dont think i like that. (Archived)
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Well..the next Direct should be interesting! (Archived)
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Should there be a stock ticker for Nintendo at the top of this board's page? (Poll)
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Should nintendo release certain games episodically? (Archived)wingo8492/2 11:11AM
There's a reason why they called it 'Operation Rainfall'... (Archived)
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Nintendo has a soul and I support them (Archived)
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a DKC tribute before the release of the game. (Archived)MaDmAtHiEu32/2 10:05AM
The Legend of Zelda: Insert item here Wii U edition (Archived)
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