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any word on double gamepad support? (Archived)blazin64026/12/2014
It's an exciting time for gamers!! (Archived)
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Gamepad + Wiimote in New Super Mario Bros U & Off-TV (Archived)Rukumouru36/12/2014
Nintendo made E3 fun. (Archived)
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single Wii U game has a 380,600% increase in week. Wii U will be okay? (Archived)fire2box86/12/2014
is the yoshi wiimote out yet? (Archived)nehukog46/12/2014
No Twitch streaming as Nintendo thinks it isnt fun. (Archived)
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Virtual Console got no love. (Archived)
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Anyone know how much Nintendo changes to repair a Wii? (Archived)pikachupwnage46/12/2014
Fatal Frame V's main character to be revealed alongside upcoming movie (Archived)Utaware3rd76/12/2014
So Yoshi's Wooly World.. (Archived)ImGanondorfLol16/12/2014
Best way to clean Wii Remote & Nunchuck connector? (Archived)TheUberhero16/12/2014
I seem to be missing some things in my Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle. Normal? (Archived)
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Do you think the trend of big budget titles will continue to cost companies..... (Archived)LuckyLickmore46/12/2014
Best place to buy wii u in US? (Archived)snvndsho36/12/2014
Why are people so sure that Pokken Fighters will happen? (Archived)Thaxagoodname26/12/2014
Great, we have both a new StarFox and a new Metroid shown or in the works but... (Archived)
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old question to a new buyer (Archived)samclockwise36/12/2014
how do i boot into Wii mode without a TV? (Archived)Orange_Apples76/12/2014
It's downright insane how many first party games are in development for Wii U. (Archived)
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