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Most anticipated Wii U Bundle? (Poll)DerekRoss16/11/2014
Ugh, Nintendo doesn't ever make new IP's (Archived)
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Pikmin 3 or WW HD? (Archived)Pungabi76/11/2014
would you pay $19.99 for the e3 version of smash? thisnwait is going to be awful (Archived)RPGMaster9586/11/2014
Mario Kart 25th Anniversary Edition (Archived)masterdogmeat86/11/2014
AOS: Nintendo E3 2014 Overview (Archived)
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It's confirmed: Nintendo doesn't give a f** about Fire Emblem, Star Fox, Metroid (Archived)
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Now that Natsume is making Harvest Moon games.. (Archived)
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Code Name S.T.E.A.M. screens (Archived)spenser21126/11/2014
Just saved so much money with the Futureshop deal! (Archived)Shadow_Mario0156/11/2014
Any deals out there this week, weekend on Wii U? (Archived)Nihilist66/11/2014
The character in the Zelda U trailer is right handed (Archived)brentendo336/11/2014
Splatoon should be more like call of duty (Archived)lazycomplife76/11/2014
How can I use this Club Nintendo code from another region? (Archived)firkieathotmail26/11/2014
Mario kart 8 Sales vs MK7 In the US (Archived)StickMen109056/11/2014
Now that the Poll of the Day proves this is NintendoFAQs (Archived)
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My experience at the Best Buy Smash-fest. A /blogfaqs for those who couldn't go. (Archived)
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Hows the Nyko brand WiiU Pro Controller (Archived)RS_YELARAKA46/11/2014
I played Smash Bros U, ask me anything (Archived)
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Conan reviews super smash bros for wii u!!! (Archived)queirotacobell106/11/2014
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