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Nintendo employees apparently have kids. (Archived)SalsaSavant51/16/2014
Did sakurai realy say "no story mode" or just "nothing like SSE", meaning... (Archived)
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Barely have touched TVii since it came out, tried last night... (Archived)Ryguy22691/16/2014
I think that when GBA games finally hit the WiiU, Mother 3 will finally come out (Archived)
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Iwata and the Wii U team have been kidnapped by ninjas... (Archived)zelgamerguy71/16/2014
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Do you eat chips while you game? (poll) (Poll)
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convince me to buy w101 (Archived)
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isn't 3d land kinda better than 3d world? (Archived)
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Interview with Shin'en regarding Fast Racing Neo (Archived)New Link41/16/2014
Punch Out!! or No More Heroes 3? (Archived)
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So, now that they aren't forcing CC purchases, allow Wiichuck controls in N64 VC (Archived)
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2 Wii U Rumours that got you "worked up" (Archived)
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Today is my big day (Archived)MiltonFink41/16/2014
43inch plasma pdp tv and wwhd image blur problem (Archived)
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I wonder what crap we get on thursday for VC (Archived)Zellio201481/16/2014
toki tori 2+ or sonic & sega all star racing transformed (Archived)stop331/16/2014
best 2 player coop game? (Archived)marwiiu3d101/16/2014
Project CARS might end up looking like the PC Version?! (Archived)
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How is the Wii U Going to Fail. (Archived)
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