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What does Stand By mode do? (Archived)Dannyson97311/19/2013
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Next Zelda, voice acting or no voice acting (Poll)
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Do you think Nintendo needs to make an FPS game to get the core gamers back? (Poll)
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When will Super Punch Out be on the Wii U VC? (Archived)The_Rami611/19/2013
Starcraft Ghost for Wii U? (Poll)jrb363611/19/2013
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Do you feel Wii U owners are generally older than their target audience? (Archived)
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Interesting about Fast Racing Neo (Archived)segagamer711/19/2013
What is coming for the December Update? (Archived)
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The Wii U is like the comedic persona of Steven Smith (Archived)Shadow_Mario01111/19/2013
What if Superman 64 was on the eshop? (Archived)7lightsXIII811/19/2013
I can see the confusion now... "BUT SON, IT SAID NEW ON THE FRONT!" (Archived)
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Midnight eShop releases. (Archived)Shadow_Mario01611/19/2013
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