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Hows the Nyko brand WiiU Pro Controller (Archived)RS_YELARAKA46/11/2014
I played Smash Bros U, ask me anything (Archived)
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Conan reviews super smash bros for wii u!!! (Archived)queirotacobell106/11/2014
Geggie Fils-Aime (Archived)Bad-School-Girl16/11/2014
Question about 3DS/WiiU e-shop (Archived)genodragon116/11/2014
What do you expect at next years E3? (Archived)Shayla50046/11/2014
since we won e3 will more people buy the wiiU? (Archived)
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If Smash was a yearly title (Archived)starkboy156/11/2014
Can the Treehouse stream be viewed anywhere now? (Archived)promo12366/11/2014
eShop Demo? (Archived)dantheman1219846/11/2014
E3 3rd party support on the wii u is dead (Archived)
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Splatoon online team 'shooter' won't have voice chat (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Line was around the building at Best Buy for Smash... (Archived)50inchDLP16/11/2014
Congrats, Nintendo. (Archived)FlaccidKratos96/11/2014
Which game to pick up? (MK8 Bonus Game Promo) (Poll)alig_diogo66/11/2014
If I want to play two players with someone that's not with me in person.. (Archived)SilphSpectre56/11/2014
is xenoblade chronicles x the same game previously shown "X"? (Archived)elbarto156/11/2014
Where is SMT X FE? (Archived)
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so, who here belives that Kafei will be a playable character Hyrule Warriors? (Archived)Nintendo198976/11/2014
I should probably know this... (Archived)denniedarko46/11/2014
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