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Is it normal for it to take this long for digital purchases to show up on Club (Archived)Steelix50046/11/2014
Captain Toad hard mode! (Archived)Radbot4256/11/2014
Guess the character. (Archived)
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Question about multiple controllers (Archived)Phantom_Seed36/11/2014
is xenoblade 1 worth playing? (Archived)
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Mario Maker... do want. (Archived)PUNCHOUT111626/11/2014
Unfair Mario.... the official version... (Archived)
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I would kill for a 3DS TV (Archived)
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I must be honest, I'm sad that there's not more for 2014!!! (Archived)
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Has anything new been announced today? (Archived)Turbo_TRex86/11/2014
What are the release dates for Splatoon, Mario maker, and devils third? (Archived)Voelger36/11/2014
Anyone else more excited for Hyrule Warriors than Zelda U? (Archived)
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Nintendo E3 Smash Presentation: Stand Proud version (Archived)NarutoDew36/11/2014
Lol remember all the rumours about kremlings? (Archived)Kiurx56/11/2014
when is Zelda Wii U out please? (Archived)soysauceman56/11/2014
Do we really lose all our saves if our system dies? (Archived)
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Lest talk about Smash Bros. (Archived)blablablax1736/11/2014
Just played Smash Bros Wii U at Best Buy... (Archived)That_Damn_Kid86/11/2014
2014 is not packed, but let's be honest here. (Archived)daveweckl1066/11/2014
can you share and download Mario Maker levels online? (Archived)
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