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C/D, you'll be watching VGX because of Reggie and Reggie alone (Archived)
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Digital Foundry Mario 3D (Archived)
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Will this surround sound system work with my Wii U? (Archived)
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What do you think we'll get at VGX? (Poll)
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What are some of the best games so far/upcoming soon? (Archived)XGamer549612/7/2013
Wii U is the best system because the games are not as violent (Archived)
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Think we'll ever see something like a Wii DS acessory? (Archived)C Redfield912/7/2013
Can you turn off the gamepad while playing a game with wiimotes? (Archived)ZessCee712/7/2013
Reggie will present a demo at VGX (Archived)MilesTeg4201012/7/2013
Are Nintendo franchises losing their system seller status? (Archived)
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Nintendo's VGX's announcement is a previously announced game? (Archived)
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Metroid Prime Trilogy or just the first Metroid Prime? (Archived)
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"introducing: wii music u!" (Archived)wingblade98512/7/2013
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