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Nintendo is like your great-grandmother. (Archived)Core_Prime96/4/2013
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Poll: what would you have preferred instead of tablet controller? (Poll)
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OUCH!!!! Tales of Symphonia Chronicle not coming to Wii U =( (Archived)
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I'm surprised Tales of Symphonia HD isn't coming for the Wii U too (Archived)Marcster199426/4/2013
Huh... a majority of the top ten Wii U game boards aren't out yet... (Archived)SrgSkittles66/4/2013
Currently are you happy with owning the Wii U? (Archived)
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Any news about a better battery for Gamepad (Archived)
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Im very impressed with the Wii U (Archived)Jx101066/4/2013
Your top three most overrated franchises created in this past generation (Archived)
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Just one week left... is your body ready? (Poll)
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