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Voice Acting and Star Fox (Archived)
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Wii U worth buying? (Archived)
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How common do you think this scenario will be, regarding buying Mario Kart 8... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
how can i tell if i get a fake pro controller? (Archived)smoky82046/7/2014
You think more adults play Mario than Call of Duty? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So there's no channel like the Check Mii Out channel? (Archived)wah_wah_wah76/7/2014
How many games a console for the big first party titles? (Archived)Shayla50056/7/2014
Your Reaction if Nintendo made a HD remake of Mario Party. (Archived)
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There hasn't been a new Megaman game since 2010! (Archived)
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I have a few questions .... (Archived)Charmander7536/7/2014
When is each item possible? (Archived)Piccleman76/7/2014
Seems Pikmin 3 is the popular choice in the free game deal. (Archived)
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Got Mario kart 8 but need help choosing (Poll)
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Why didn't amazon get Mario kart bundles (Archived)
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See? Nintendo doesn't need to cater to you complainers to sell more Wii Us. (Archived)
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If you download a game to an external HD and... (Archived)lost_within56/7/2014
Zelda U art style predictions thread (Poll)Melkac86/7/2014
My Pikimin download time keeps changing (Archived)stabstone36/7/2014
C/D Pacman NEEDS to be in SMash. (Archived)Wii_Truth106/7/2014
Question about Mario Kart 8 free game promo (Archived)JTC87106/7/2014
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