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What would you like Retro's game to be? (Poll)
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So what is left for WiiU after this holday/the next 5 years? (Archived)
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What happens if Nintendo does poorly this year at E3? (Archived)iKhanic76/5/2013
Taking all bets! What's Retro's new game? (Poll)
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You think Nintendo would make their new 3rd party way of thinking more open? (Archived)
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PSYBLOCKS Kickstarter. (Archived)
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Is there just one ND, or will there be multiple ones? (Archived)Soccer_is_Best36/5/2013
How would you feel about next level games doing DKC:Returns 2 (Archived)
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GameTrailers holding 'Nintendo Hour' during E3 2013 coverage (Archived)kinglink1366/5/2013
if a game gets "remade" or "remastered" do they have to be full price (Archived)zado1936/5/2013
If I download a game... (Archived)AxelPoe46/5/2013
My Questions About The Wii U Controller? (Archived)roadwarriorace56/5/2013
will nintendo's e3 be overshadowed by the release of one of us? (Archived)
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