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Is it possible to turn off the Gamepad while using a Pro Controller? (Archived)MegaMario100055/11/2014
Nintendo spends $100 million on mystery acquisition (Archived)
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Apple in talks to buy Beats by Dre: Nintendo NEEDS to get in and outbit them (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Anyone think there will be another price drop (Archived)gofghxg85/11/2014
Let's design the most hipster game ever made: exclusively for the Wii U (Archived)ZeeDogge55/11/2014
How do Virtual Console games look on an HDTV? (Archived)sketchturner55/11/2014
Child of Light - whatd you think (Poll)
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Pretty soon the Mario franchise will hit 500 million units sold (Archived)
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Really enjoying Earthbound so far, but it's giving me a massive headache. (Archived)KayJayRight65/11/2014
Can a switch box (HDMI or Composite) cause game or input lag? (Archived)Jiryn75/11/2014
Release MK8 NAOOOOO! (Archived)
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What if Zelda U was just Majora's Mask HD? (Archived)
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Help: My Wii U keeps freezing. (Archived)sonicfan1158955/11/2014
Nintendo sales out pre-orders for Mario Kart 8 at their store (Archived)jaymart_2k35/11/2014
Will Zelda U actually be an adventure game? (Archived)
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I need your opinion: free game with Mario Kart (Poll)
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How about they bundle 3DS XL/Wii U for $350 (Archived)jaymart_2k25/11/2014
Does the Wii U improve Wii tech? (Archived)Dragon Nexus95/11/2014
Happy Mothers Day WIIU (Archived)ORANGE66655/11/2014
So this New Nintendo figurine thing (Archived)darkljolly95/11/2014
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