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wow. anyone else seen this?? (Archived)Zayzie25/29/2014
E3 Countdown Extravaganza Day 27: Most Annoying... (Archived)UltimaSora9195/29/2014
MK8 Bundle, Digital, or Physical (Poll)areuafraid65/29/2014
I'm happy that we can officially use GC controllers on Wii U but.... (Archived)abear9045/29/2014
Rats foiled again (Archived)bigjnyc55/29/2014
When will the Wii U be able to be bought for $200 new (Archived)
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Which Nintendo Adapter is more innovative? (Poll)leeko_link25/29/2014
My Eshop is loaded (Archived)bigjnyc15/29/2014
This mentality that needs to be broken (Archived)QlJGamer85/29/2014
Wii U Pro Controller Woes (Archived)
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For a Wii U Kirby game, which of these new Copy Abilities would you most enjoy? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How's Ittle Dew? (Archived)TheZuperHero75/29/2014
Nintendo Network ID question (Archived)HipsterSora45/29/2014
I won the Mario Kart 8 tournament at gamestop (Archived)Maverick_Reznor85/29/2014
Can't sign in with my Nintendo Netword ID (Archived)Santaeid25/29/2014
Gamepad, what I've learned (Archived)
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After Mario Kart.. theres nothing for the rest of the summer? (Archived)ssidiouss35/29/2014
Best Part about Nintendo announcing GC Controller support... (Archived)chitowngamer8515/29/2014
Is it bad I think with this mentality? (Archived)Chenmaster255/29/2014
Didn't expect the new the new controller to LITERALLY be a GC controller (Archived)blablablax1795/29/2014
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