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I hope Nintendo does another Mario game with Peach as a playable character (Archived)Lord_Diablo1325/8/2014
There was this little system called 3DS wasn't selling very well. Until... (Archived)
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MEDIA CREATE: Wii U sales up 47%! Will likely overtake PS4 next week... (Archived)
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New Wii U hardware coming in the Summer?! (Archived)wiseguy10045/8/2014
I love this E3 hype Ninty's bringing us! (Archived)
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Mario Kart TV app (Archived)squatch2235/8/2014
Virtual Console releases for month of May? (Archived)ShadowGldtr25/8/2014
Suggestion. (Archived)naviney45/8/2014
Nintendo TV shows and movies confirmed? (Archived)
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I hope at E3, we will see Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (Archived)hydradragon25/8/2014
They really need to advertise exactly what the gamepad does more (Archived)
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Nintendo to not only dominate Japan, but in 2015 they will also dominate China (Archived)AzumaOtaku65/8/2014
Your favourite Nintendo boss (Poll)
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What if the announcement for Zelda u is.... (Archived)master_chief_8275/8/2014
Nintendo has so much money they can keep doing crap decisions for decades. (Archived)noobody175/8/2014
club nintendo (Archived)chrcol85/8/2014
What exactly is Child of Light? (Archived)
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So does anyone know if you build your own kart in Mario Kart 8? (Archived)Neonwarrior124325/8/2014
Oh for crying out loud, Nintendo... (Archived)Big_Isaac75/8/2014
Nintendo's year lineup (Prediction) (Archived)
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