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Will the Xbone break the Wii U's preorder record? (Poll)
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Why doesn't Nintendo still do sweet preorder incentives? (Archived)Second_Hokage1010/25/2013
If gta5 didn't come out this year, do u think 3d word will win goty? (Archived)
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Whatever happened to bringing Sonic 4: Episode 2 to the Wii? (Archived)Transdude1010/25/2013
Rumor: Wii U remakes of classic titles coming; Super Mario 64 to be the first (Archived)
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TV is holding Wii U back (Archived)MilesTeg420410/25/2013
Online multiplayer for Mario isn't Nintendo's focus now, maybe in 10 years (Archived)
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soo..all the awesome nintendo players, what games have you 100%ed.. (Archived)
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People who want Nintendo to leave hardware are selfish (Archived)
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Demos of Mario & Sonic, Lost World, Zelda,101 at walmart Kiosks (Archived)kirbybrawl810/25/2013
If you aren't getting Arkham Origins (Archived)
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Wow! I loved the new SM3DW trailer but... (Archived)oq7ster810/25/2013
GameXplain analysis of newest SM3DWorld footage (Archived)manmouse210/25/2013
No Wii U specific Batman review yet (Archived)Jellitoe1010/25/2013
It makes me extremely angry... (Archived)
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Can game DLC be accessed across all profiles/accounts? (Archived)EdHarvey410/25/2013
Wii U GamePad High Capacity Battery review (Archived)zelda_3003910/25/2013
Resident Evil Revelations... 3DS or Wii U? (Archived)_Shikoba_510/25/2013
Something the Wii U should copy from the PS4. (Archived)ShindoSlash810/25/2013
No Harvest Moon announced yet? (Archived)morningglory051010/25/2013