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After watching footage of the SM3DW E3 demo, my opinion of this game has changed (Archived)
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why do people take it as an insult that Retro made a DK game and not a Metroid? (Archived)
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Games that the Wii U can't handle or will never get (Archived)
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Does anyone else dislike having 12 racers in the Mario Kart console games? (Archived)
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A Nintendo Direct for new Zelda WiiU has been decided, may be shown this year. (Archived)DeathSnipe77786/12/2013
The Sony Fan hate for the Nintendo Direct news is strong (Archived)
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Remember these trailers.... (Archived)jbhens26/12/2013
Does anyone's Walmart have working Wii U demo stations? (Archived)NealP16/12/2013
Chargin Chuck (Archived)excitebike6416/12/2013
Miyamoto 'not actively thinking about retirement' (Archived)Nolax106/12/2013
Why not get back to the NES days (Archived)
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Times for the Best Buy Nintendo Wii U Experience? (Archived)Numbuh10086/12/2013
If Sony PS4 can do region-free why can't Nintendo's Wii U/3DS? (Archived)
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Will Mario Kart U have 4, 5 player or 6 player support locally? (Poll)
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So what do you think will be shown at the next Nintendo Direct? (the summer one) (Archived)wingo8426/12/2013
An apology to the gaming community... (Archived)
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Why does the Game industry have a such a double Standard towards Nintendo (Archived)
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Based on games alone, who won E3 to you? (Poll)
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are games digital on wii u? (Archived)Retroxgamer046/12/2013
Can someone fill me in, I missed most of Nintendo's E3 stuff (Archived)aya46956/12/2013