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Which Nintendo franchise would YOU most likely want to see on the Xbox One? (Archived)
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All this current-gen talk -- Anybody still loving the past? (Archived)
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When and why did the "super" fad in video games go out of fashion? (Archived)
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What is the visual difference between Native 1080p and Upscaled 1080p? (Archived)
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Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze to feature online leaderboards and uploads (Archived)NintendoXGames71/21/2014
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Imagine if you could select schemata in LR:FFXIII with the tablet. (Archived)John_Magnum31/21/2014
YR:Nintendo create a Captain N like tv series and it only airs on Wii U Netflix (Archived)7lightsXIII31/21/2014
What if Wii U was just a prototype? (Archived)
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Nintendo Fusion name, Hate it or love it? (Poll)
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Wii U owners should be scared regarding Nintendo's history of pulling support... (Archived)
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