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So, why does the Yoshi's Island DLC in Sonic Lost World exist again? (Archived)
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The WiiU is doing great. (Archived)
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No Hyrule Historia in the WInd Waker Bundle? (Archived)princeofdeath3512/26/2013
Do you think future mario games should get rid of lives? (Poll)
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Question about transferring miis. (Archived)Littlejeffery312/26/2013
Wii U is my next gen console of the year (No Wii U isn't next gen trolls plz) (Archived)jaymart_2k712/26/2013
So glad I got the Zelda set for Christmas... (Archived)
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I have 10$ on the Eshop (Archived)iam4lsi2412/26/2013
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Is the Mario & Luigi Wii U bundle one game, or separate games? (Archived)jdchur2512/26/2013
Keep trying to download your games. (Archived)Dark_cloud500112/26/2013
Gamepad could not connect to a wii u console (Archived)twopinacoladas512/26/2013
Games I missed... (Archived)JohnColtrane64312/26/2013
Wind Waker bundle on a disc, or digital download only? (Archived)DragonQuestFan412/26/2013
Why does the gamepad display dim whenever I remove it from the cradle? (Archived)Shuriko312/26/2013
I gave up; got a Wii U! (Archived)
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Why do so many people complain about digital prices? (Archived)
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Any way of copying data from the Wii... (Archived)
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So freakin Mario Kart 8 is not out til Spring '14? (Archived)
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More controversial topic of the two? (Poll)Michaeloll412/26/2013