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What systems will you own this gen? (Poll)
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Wii U Appreciation Thread (Archived)
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Well guys, lets do this (Archived)
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I thought of the game we need! (shooter fans) (Archived)StevenTheGamble611/18/2013
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Nintendo buys stake in mobile content firm....... (Archived)
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Some of you here to articulate online complaints about Wii U/Nintendo BETTER! (Archived)
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What game do you have on your Wii U? What are you planning to get? (Archived)Akijo311/18/2013
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Sakurai: Smash Bros. fans are the most insane, overzealous people you will meet. (Archived)
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Can virtual console titles like Mario Party be played w/pro controller on Wii U? (Archived)linklord311/18/2013
NSMBU puts the AAA game industry to shame (Archived)
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Anybody have a link to the sales chart of the big 3??? (Archived)b1gt0ne311/18/2013