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So...Dat Mario Kart 8 Soundtrack (Archived)Granadico_14/30/2014
If they make Pokemon Snap 2 (Archived)
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So...Skylanders (Poll)SegavsCapcom24/30/2014
For digital folks, MK8 Eshop download size is 4.9 Gb (Archived)BaronVladz64/30/2014
What do you think is the biggest problem with modern gaming? (Archived)
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Free game with Mario kart 8 is great but... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Do you think the NA MK8 Wii U bundle comes with the promotional game? (Archived)teh1337gosu64/30/2014
They should make a SMG2 styled green star challenge for SM64. (Archived)DarkChozoGhost54/30/2014
Wow, no wonder Nintendo is behind the times (Archived)Transdude94/30/2014
Did anybody else think the presentation of the MK8 direct kinda sucked? (Archived)
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So what do you think about no Diddy, King Boo, Birdo, or Dry Bones in MK8? (Archived)lizard81288104/30/2014
Question about formatting a Wii U (Archived)red_ranger_zeo14/30/2014
So...which game should I get? (Poll)HungoverHero77774/30/2014
Take it everyones selling their Zelda HD copy (Archived)
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What happened to Petey Piranha? (Archived)lizard8128854/30/2014
Different languages showing up on Wii U home screen (Archived)ivinsito24/30/2014
Nintendo Saying that They Aren't Competing is like.... (Archived)
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This is NOT going to be Nintendo's last generation, for consoles OR handhelds (Archived)
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Totally called Baby Rosalina for MK8. (Archived)
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I realise why ninty released the mk8 direct (Archived)thefabregas2224/30/2014
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