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Over 61% of Nintendo's Q2 US game sales were downloaded products. (Archived)
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So is there no chance of getting the Ganondorf statue in the US? (Archived)Dux_X69/5/2013
Does Wii U support 64gb SD card? (Archived)Mandrew25759/5/2013
Rayman is the new reason to own a Wii U! (Archived)
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Any items on sale on eshop? (Archived)MBBDarigon89/5/2013
Whats nintendo's best new character? (Archived)ramseanGoodbye79/5/2013
What do you think the chances are of Xenoblade getting a HD remaster? (Archived)ramseanGoodbye89/5/2013
You know what game would be perfect for the Wii U? (Archived)
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Why does Star Fox still have such a persistent fanbase? (Archived)
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Why is Nintendo not advertising at alll here in the states? (Archived)
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Save Transfers? (Archived)Reklin89/5/2013
Pandora's Tower Vs Opoona (Archived)ramseanGoodbye59/5/2013
Wind Waker Wii U or Pokemon 3DS XL? Nintendo is good... (Archived)I2aScAII79/5/2013
Mewtwo is winning while Sonic is losing (Archived)
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Is nintendo going to make full use of the gamepad at the end of console cycle? (Archived)fissionprimer69/5/2013
Tvii officially better than PS4 and X1 TV (Archived)
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Name one video game franchise you want Nintendo to buy. (Expect for Mega Man) (Archived)
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I sort of doubt anyone from Nintendo proof read Hyrule Historia. (Archived)adampeltz29/5/2013
Wind Waker HD will be the best RPG of this generation. (Archived)
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Has there been any word on if games like OOT will be re-released for the VC? (Archived)bskiffington49/5/2013