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Is the Wii U more or less kiddie than the Wii was? (Poll)
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Hypothetically speaking, Nintendo cuts the Wii U price and offers an ambassador (Archived)
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Producer of Zelda games wants to make another game other than Zelda (Archived)
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voter showdown vote for next gamecube game remake on wii U (Poll)
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Grim news for all us holdouts who still use our Wiis a lot from Nintendo... (Archived)
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I think Nintendo will with the 8th Gen War simply for not being jerks (Archived)the_importer66/6/2013
Amazon CA: Wii U Basic Set "Sales Rank" Jumps 972% for no Reason (Archived)
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Your Reaction: At the Nintendo E3, Gamecube Virtual Console announced. (Archived)
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Improving Wii on Wii U? (Archived)
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